Get your letters translated

Would you like to impress your Russian bride-to-be by sending her a letter in russian?

Do you want to surprise her by your first letter? Or do you think a letter in Russian on a special occasion will make it even better?

1st International Marriage Network offers high quality translation of any documents and letters from English into Russian and back made by people.

If you send your first letter to a single Russian woman in Russian, she will appreciate it.

Naturally, this service is not only for our clients, but for everyone who needs to get something translated from English into Russian or vice versa. You may send your texts to for evaluation.

The cost is $.04 per word. The rate for official translation of of birth certificates, Immigration papers, and the like is $15 per page.

So what are the good and bad points in having your letters translated?

A free online "machine" translation is one of the choices, of course, and some people are so naive as to believe that they can get a quality translation for nothing. Do not get fooled. If you want something good, the machine translation is not the best option. I can assure you here that machine translations are awkward, sometimes they are simply illegible or may even change the meaning to an offensive or indecent one. They remain the same as they were 10 years ago, without much change for the better. You may use machine translations but definitely not for important topics and not for the topics which may be understood incorrectly.  

On the contrary, human translations are of high quality, but quality costs good money. Thus, an average one page introduction letter of 400–500 words will cost you $15-$20.

Do you actually need all this trouble especially if her profile says she has a command of English? Well, let me tell you a story. One of our female clients was once taken aback when she learned that for 3 months she had been corresponding not with a bank security guy, but with a bank clerk. The reason for such misunderstanding was that in his first letter the guy wrote he worked as a bank officer. The thing is that in Russian the word officer accociates only with the military officer, so the girl came to a wrong conclusion. Even if her English is good, she still may get confused about some idioms or slang expressions, because she has never lived in your country and may not know a lot of things you use in your speech every day. I hope, you get the point. First of all, a letter in Russian shows you do care about her understanding you correctly. After all, you may have spent a lot of time creating a good letter, and you want her to understand what you meant. Secondly, it is a nice "personal touch". You just show that it is not only she who should go through all the language difficulties, but you as well. It is as if you make a huge step towards her. Believe me, your letter will not be left unread and unnoticed. She will appreciate all the trouble and expenses of yours. This is a good way to encourage a lady whose knowledge ща English is elementary to start communication with you. She will not feel the pressure of the language barrier any more, and your communication will be on a higher level.   

The only difficulty is that on getting a letter in Russia from you she will answer in Russian as well. You will have to pay for the translation again. She may also expect all the other letters from you to be in Russian. Here you will have to choose: if you can afford it, you may remain a nice and caring guy for her and pay for each translation, or you will have to switch to English with her and probably send a letter in Russian only to express something really important or to congratulate her on a special occasion.

To sum it up, I would advise you to get at least a couple of your first letters translated if the lady's ability to speak and understand English are only basic. On our page they are ranked from 2 to 5. If your lady has only 2 or 3, the best choice, of course, would be to get all your correspondence translated, but if you cannot afford that, try to get at least first 2 or 3 letters translated, just to make her feel comfortable. Naturally, we can translate her letters to you.

Be sure to drop me a note if you have any questions.