The 1st International Social Network exists to bring people together with no regard to borders. A changing world means more opportunities for cultures to intermingle and for personal networks to expand.

We offer an insight into the actual life of the country you have always wanted to visit. You may find a personal guide here that will offer you more than any travel advice article or package tour.

You will get a chance to expand your outlook by talking to people with different mentalities. We cater to people looking to improve their foreign language skills or share their learning experience. If you are feeling lonely, this is your chance to find a partner or someone to talk to.

To better connect with your friends, we offer live video chats and phone calls.

Our support is always standing by to assist you. We take an individual approach to our customers' problems. We want to be a reliable friend to you wherever you go.

If you crave to explore new places, if you want to talk on any subject, if you just want some good company, you are welcome to join us.