You have established a contact. What is next?

All right, you have contacted some women, they replied and seem to be interested in you. What is your next step?

In brief, there are 2 options.

1.       Let us work for you while you relax and enjoy. You may just go on writing to her and calling her. When you both feel you are ready to meet, let us know, and we will organize everything. With our help you will be able to travel to any CIS country without much of trouble and meet your favourite lady there or even not one. If after meeting you want to proceed, let us help you with all the necessary papers so that you could bring her to your country. We have been doing this 10 years already - believe us, we know what we do. 

2.       You can take it from here. Of course, you can get the woman's direct contact information and do everything yourself.  There are 2 ways to obtain the contact information. The first and most popular one is to exchange at least 15 letters with her. That means 15 two-way exchanges, so you need to open at least 15 fee-paying letters from this particular woman (a lady's letters are free until you write to her for the first time, and we do not count free letters). This way is preferable because 15 letters is just enough to get to know the woman and see if she is truly interested in you. After that you will need to go through IMBRA clearance (only if you are a US citizen, and only once, regardless of how many women's info you want); the form and requisite instructions can be downloaded here. Then you get her full contact information (processing your request for a lady's contact details can take up to 48 hours). By going through IMBRA clearance you show that you comply with the latest laws and that there is substantial communication to show her intent, and make sure she signs the IMBRA release.


        If you don't want to wait until opening 15 letters, you may use our expedited service. This means paying an administrative fee of $50 (for each woman's info).  This fee is not to be confused with the IMBRA fee, which is $40 and is a separate matter. The $50 administrative fee will cover our expenses: we will contact the woman you have chosen and try to obtain her permission/IMBRA release (for US citizens). If she does not give us her permission, we cannot give you her direct contact information, and the administrative fee is non-refundable. Expedited service works quickly, but we would not recommend it. 15 letters really let you know the girl better. No letters or next to no letters do not give you the full picture - you will not be sure of her intentions and whether she wants to communicate with you directly outside of the service. You cannot apply for the expedited service if you haven't opened at least one paid letter from the woman whose contact details you wish to obtain.


Long answer:

Let's begin with the most important: how to bring your favourite Russian woman to your homecountry. (The information below is about the USA, but there are similar laws in Canada, Australia and Western European countries). 

The best way to do that is to apply for the so-called "fiancee" visa. This visa will allow her to stay in you ะบ country for as much as 90 days in the status of a fiancee. If you get married during this period, she can stay with you and apply for her ter "green card".  More details. 

The requirement of the immigration law is that before applying for her fiancee visa you must meet this woman in person. If you think she may come to your country, forget about it. It is almost impossible. The exception is if she has a special case, but this must be a VERY special case. Contact us if you belive she has a special case.  So you see, the best way is to meet in her country. Moreover, this will allow you to save a lot of time and money and meet several ladies during one trip. One more opportunity is to meet in a third country. This is very nice and romantic? but absolutely impractical. If you want to meet on some neutral territory, you should choose a country where it will be easy for her to get a visa or where she will not any visa at all. These, among others, are Turkey and Dominican Republic. However, the problem is that she will most likely ask you to pay for her two-way ticket. And naturally, there will be a question of trust. Can you trust her to send her as much as $1000? Can she trust you and go thousand miles away from her home being sure that you  will show up? There are even more problems about that, actually. And last but not the least, you will invest a lot of money and time in just one meeting. What if there is no "click" between the two of you when you meet? What if there is no "click" even after you have been together for a while? Then you will stay alone again. Consult us if you are thinking about arranging a meeting in a third country.

To sum it up, your next big step is a trip to CIS with a plan to meet one or several women.

Not to make any mistakes, you will need the following:

1.       Plan to meet several women on one trip.These should be women you communicate to regularly. Of course it is possible that you come and see her and then marry her, but it is a rare occasion. Few clients of ours had so much luck. The chances not to "click" are greater in number. 

2.      Make sure women you are writing letters to are real.  Ypu may have heard about clever online scam artists. We do our best to monitor our site and prevent them from contacting our clients, but we cannot 100% guarantee that we do not have them on our site.

3.       Get to know her well. It is usually an unpleasant surprise to find out she gas a child while you thought she didn't or that her command of English is really poor or something along the line. That is why we recommend you to at first exchange 15 letters and then ask for her contact information and plan to visit a CIS country. Make sure she knows you well, too.

4.       Make sure she looks the way you imagine her. Sometimes girls place 2-3 year old pictures of themselves on our site, because they "look better" on them.  Ask her to send you some recent pictures of herself. If she does not want anyone else on the site to see them, tell her about our private area where members can share additional pictures, not viewable by others.

5.       Make sure she really wants to meet you. We would not like our clients to travel so far just to find out she is not going to show up. Our 15 letter minimum is also very helpful in this. And in spite of the new IMBRA law being unconstitutional, it may still be helpful.   IMBRA release can serve as a proof that she is familiar with your background and is interested in communicating with you.

Thus, the choice is up to you. You may trust our 10-year experience and get her contact information after you get to know her. Or you may use expedited service and be on your own.