General Instructions for Windows users

Windows Users - install Cyrillic fonts.
Mac OS Users - install Cyrillic fonts.

Depending on your system, click on the one of the 2 top links above. Download window will open:

Choose "Save this program to disk" and click "OK" button.

A "Save as" window will open next, asking you WHERE would you like to save the file. Choose any destinations on your Hard Drive.

Next, a download window will open showing you the progress. Depending on your internet connection the download can take between 2 seconds and 2 minutes.

Next you need to open the file you just downloaded. Find the file icon where ever you downloaded it to and double-click on it. The window will open asking you WHERE do you want your Cyrillic fonts installed.

You want to install your fonts on your main hard drive - C - in the folder called "Fonts" which is located in "WINNT" or "WINDOWS" folder. The path should look like "C:WINNTFonts" or "C:WINDOWSFonts", depending on you setup settings. Clicking at these links you can check wich of these two paths present at you computer.

After you have installed the fonts - restart your computer. After restarting the Cyrillic fonts should appear properly.

Installation of the fonts only lets you VIEW Cyrillic fonts properly. To be actually able to type in Cyrillic, you need to adjust your Input Locales and find a Russian keyboard layout. Depending on your system, additional adjustments to your system might be necessary. Please consult help files for more details.