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Example of Basic Background Check
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Basic Background Check Result
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She is a real person

She is the REAL person.

First Name: Elena

Patronymic (Middle) Name: Victorovna

Last Name: Sedova

Home Address:

Lenina str.,
house # 128
flat # 212

She is the registered owner of the apartment.

Home phone:

+7 (495) 987-65-43 (registered on her name)

Cellular phone: +79125476529 ( registered on her name)

Her real Age: 36 y.o.
Her DOB: January 3, 1975
She was born in Michailovka village, Luberets Area, Moscow Region.

Her Education: Moscow Agrarian University
Dates of attendance: 1992-1999
Major: Veterinary Medicine
Degree: Masters
Graduation date: June 26, 1999

Her current occupation: State Banian Hospital,
Address: B. Polyanka Str. 15, work phone # (495) 317-33-24
Dates: 10/1999-10/2007
Position: Veterinarian

She's divorced officially in 2002 year.
Her former husband is Yuri Aleksandrovich Sedov, 43 y.o.

She has a son: Aleksander Sedov, DOB 12/25/1995.

She lives with son only.

Her immediate relatives:

Mother: Tatyana Aleksandrovna Agapova, DOB 04/23/1945
Father: Victor Nikolaevich Agapov, DOB 12/07/1940

They live at address : Kostushkina Str. 12-75., Moscow, Russia.
Home phone # (495) 865-13-01.

Criminal records check:

"Criminal offenses in Moscow city"
Actualization on January 15, 2011
Result - no records found

"Russian Federal Criminal Search Database"
Actualization on January 23, 2011
Result - no records found

She has no the criminal records.

Her profile does not have any scam records in the Internet.

We can found additional information on demand.

All information that is found from your request is kept confidential

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Not only is your credit card information transmitted securely, but all of the information about the order (with our order form) is transmitted in secure mode to insure privacy. Your credit card is encrypted until it is transmitted via a dedicated line to your processing bank.

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